The Suicide of Sylvia Plath

March 4, 2009 at 4:31 pm (Uncategorized)


In 1953, the poet Sylvia Plath attempted suicide for the first time. Her earlier hospitalization and shock therapy may have left her traumatized enough to eventually sink that low into depression. Plath said that her time in the hospital was “a time of darkness, despair, and disillusion–so black only as the inferno of the human mind can be–symbolic death, and numb shock–then the painful agony of slow rebirth and psychic regeneration.” She eventually pulled through these tragic times in her life. In 1956, she married British poet Ted Hughes after receiving a Fulbright scholarship. She went on to have three children even though she had suffered a painful miscarriage Her friends would say that she seemed cheerful most of the time, but i think that her feelings of happiness were not strong enough to help her overcome her demons.
Plath took her own life on the morning of February 11, 1963 at the age of 31. Leaving out the morning’s breakfast, she tightly sealed the rooms between herself and her sleeping children with wet towels and cloths. Plath then laid her head in the oven while the gas was turned on. Many will argue that Plath did not intend to die because of a note that she had left on her neighbors door,asking him to call her doctor. Others will say that she thrusted her head so far back into the gas oven, that she had really ment to die.




Stasis in darkness.
Then the substanceless blue
Pour of tor and distances.

God’s lioness,
How one we grow,
Pivot of heels and knees!–The furrow

Splits and passes, sister to
The brown arc
Of the neck I cannot catch,

Berries cast dark

Black sweet blood mouthfuls,
Something else

Hauls me through air—-
Thighs, hair;
Flakes from my heels.

Godiva, I unpeel—-
Dead hands, dead stringencies.

And now I
Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.
The child’s cry

Melts in the wall.
And I
Am the arrow,

The dew that flies,
Suicidal, at one with the drive
Into the red

Eye, the cauldron of morning.


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